Welcome to Retail Bond Expert


Welcome to Retail Bond Expert

Launched in November 2012 Retail Bond Expert is the UK’s leading portal dedicated to retail bonds with the remit to inform experienced investors, educate those new to investing and to help those that pay for professional financial advice to understand the nature of the products in which they are invested.

In addition to creating a community around retail bonds, Retail Bond Expert produces and hosts a series of micro sites that sit above existing communities designed to educate the investor – self-directed or wealth manager – and inform them of product launches in a comprehensive and timely fashion.

Retail Bond Expert is one of a family of product and sector specific sites operated by DIY Investor Ltd that are being developed with the objectives of:  


  • Increasing levels of financial literacy

  • Educating and informing self-directed investors

  • Fostering a culture of long-term savings and investment

  • Encouraging community participation and delivering crowd-sourced opinions

Parent site, Muckle (below), will educate and engage those disenfranchised by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and empower them to make informed decisions when considering their financial future.

Retail Bond Expert contains a wealth of information about retail bonds - how they work, how to invest, and the benefits weighed against the potential risks associated with this type of fixed-income investment.   

Content Rich

The content-rich site delivers factual information designed to educate the investor in the use of retail bonds, including how to make an objective comparison of products with a wide range of structural differences, how self-directed investors may use retail bonds as part of a balanced portfolio and how to benefit from the tax-efficiencies provided by SIPP and ISA wrappers.   

As with any financial product, users should always ensure that they take professional advice appropriate to their knowledge and experience before making an investment.   

Registered users of Retail Bond Expert are encouraged to participate in the social and interactive functions of the site and contribute to the wider Muckle community which has the efficiency of crowd-sourced decision making as one of its defining features.   

Retail Bond Expert works closely with the lead managers responsible for structuring and distributing each retail bond and campaigns for the provision of comprehensive, transparent and standardised supporting launch documentation.   It also works with issuer group ORBIG and champions its efforts to achieve a standardised rating system to allow interest-starved savers and investors to make ‘apples-and-apples’ comparison of products.     

Introducing Muckle

Parent site, Muckle, delivers a content rich, educational environment and uses sophisticated social media techniques to encourage peer-to-peer engagement and achieve consensus decision making. Its founding principle can be found in the Archaic or Scottish and Northern English proverb ‘mony a mickle maks a muckle’ – many small amounts accumulate over time to make a large amount. 

Muckle was launched in response to an unintended consequence of RDR in January 2013, which far from achieving its core objective of making access to financial advice universally available, has seen anything up to 5.5 million clients in the UK ‘orphaned’ – the term applied to those that have fallen into the advice gap by either declining to pay for something that was previously perceived to be free, or by being cut adrift as unprofitable by their adviser

It is predicted that the number of financial advisers will decline by a third to 20,000 by the end of 2013 and that banks will increasingly focus on those at the upper end of the wealth spectrum; a similar proportion of the disenfranchised – approaching two million people – said that they intend to take personal control of their financial affairs

Muckle was conceived as a consequence and is being developed to increase levels of financial literacy and engender a culture of long term savings and investment.

Your participation in Retail Bond Expert and Muckle will strengthen the community as we seek to harness the power of the crowd as a positive and guiding force for savings and investment in the UK.   

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