Rigid and gentle pillow watch

But in fact I recommend you to Panerai counter to buy, in addition to taking into account the uk replica watches in the high imitation watch market has been hot, fidelity has always been staggering, there are three reasons: one to Panerai Of the rolex uk discount is not, so much money is expected to spend on the Internet, it would be better to enjoy the counter when the feeling of God (of course, under normal circumstances more than thirty thousand in the Panerai counter when not a God, depending on the day there is no big land in the purchase The fake watches and the rigid and soft pillow pillow watch); second, such as Panerai, Rolex this grade of watches, buy the country line, although more money, but after sale that is really worry, especially during the warranty period, No man-made big problem, you can directly to the counter to the counter on behalf of the maintenance, remove your own to repair the center of the trouble; three can also see some of the counter does not have the style, especially some city commemorative models, such as We Nanjing store unique commemorative edition 595: Rigid and gentle pillow watch The following inevitable to mention the movement of the problem, the first conclusion: ordinary consumers can afford the Panerai, do not pursue what self-produced high-end movement friends ~ early Panerai is also used ETA movement polished, Classic Panerai 005 and 111 this entry level are used ETA6497 movement - of course, grinding technology is still very high, and even players do not think that there is no Panerai driven by the big watch tide, there is no 6497 movement of the early Day (one of the words, and listen to the Ming). Panerai has been basically completed the movement itself, the common movement is P3000 / 5000/9000 several, the first two are manual, followed by automatic core. And then the high point is the 4000 as the Pearl Tuo movement, the United States is the United States, it can not afford, more maintenance can not afford. Rigid and gentle pillow watch On the brand is also nothing to say, online loyal fans is simply millions, related articles numerous, brand forum is also voices every day. At the same time, because of the leading role of Stallone, the stars are also keen to wear it, such as mango Taiwan brothers every day is a hand, the rest like Zhou Huajian, Liu Qian, Wu Zhenyu wearing Panerai video is too numerous to mention the recent thunder "Jing Wang" Wang Kai, there is a group of widely circulated photos, wearing a black steel belt Panerai. No matter how to say, once you buy the Panerai Sea, whether it is a special commemorative section, or ordinary entry models, are automatically become their "limited" a member, five meters, and even 10 meters can be recognized at one Watch brand is not much, Panerai count a. More knowledge, please own Baidu watch the big brother wrote "Panerai Sea B Guide 21 military regulations."