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    Throughout the site you can find information about what retail bonds are, how they work, how to invest, and what the benefits along with potential risks are with this particular type of investment.....

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    Retail Bonds: Allowing Retail Investors to Build and Manage Their own Portfolios

    In February 2010, the London Stock Exchange launched its new electronic bond market for retail investors, the Order Book for Retail Bonds (“ORB”)

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    About Retail Bonds

    What is a Retail Bond?

    A Bond is simply an 'IOU' in which an investor agrees to loan money to an individual, company or government in exchange for a predetermined interest rate. If a business wants to expand...

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    Investing in Retail Bonds

    Most people know that in the long-run, nothing beats the stock market. This being the case, why would anyone invest in bonds? Although they pale in comparison to equities in the long run...

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    Predictability – A bond, because it is a loan, carries an interest rate and as a contract to the borrower the interest is paid in a fixed sum or index linked sum on specific dates each year...

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    Retail Bonds in a Balanced Portfolio

    Retail Bonds in a Balanced Portfolio

    Those wishing to achieve a better rate of return from their money than they could get from a bank account and seeking to take more control of their financial future...

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    Building a Balanced Portfolio

    Individual savings accounts (ISAs) and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) are both tax-efficient wrappers that can be used to save money for retirement...

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    Case Studies

    In my 20’s I purchased my first property, a 2 bedroom flat. Although the mortgage was only £65k it was 100% to value (easily obtained back then), This was the...

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    15th Nov

    Downgraded M&S to issue ‘junk’ bond after posting big loss

    Former darling of the high street, Marks & Spencer, has announced that it will issue its first 'junk' bond after credit ratings agencies downgraded its debt from investment grade to junk status.

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    23rd Sep

    Mini-bond investors face total loss as Wellesley Finance seeks CVA

    Thousands of investors in bonds issued by the firm run by Graham Wellesley, the 8th Earl Cowley stand to lose all of their money unless they agree to a rescue deal

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    19th Jul

    Investors starved of dividends may consider retail bonds

    The Covid pandemic has dealt a savage blow to those relying on the income from their investments; savings rates were already painfully low before the virus struck following the enduring low interest economy – and that got even worse when two emergency interest rate cuts took rates down to 0.1%.

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